What are the court’s powers when dealing with a referral back to court requested by a child who is on a Referral Order (RO)?

Things to consider:

There is no provision for a child to apply directly to the court for the order to be varied or revoked. However, at any time during the period of a youth offender contract, a child may request a progress meeting with the youth offender panel and, if the child wishes:

  • the youth offender contract to be varied; or
  • to be referred to court with a view of the RO (or ROs) being revoked on account of a significant change in the child’s circumstances (such as being taken to live abroad) which makes compliance with any youth offender contract impractical.

The panel would then be able to refer a child back to court if it appears to the panel to be in the interests of justice for the RO (or each of the ROs) to be revoked.


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