Manchester Youth Justice Training for Lawyers: 1 Day Foundation Course

Improve your knowledge and skills and join a growing community of the most competent youth justice practitioners.

16 May 2023 10:00

Delivered in-person by leading expert youth justice lawyers in collaboration with young people with experience of the criminal justice system, this training is an essential course for all lawyers who will be representing children in the youth court and the Crown Court.

This unique training gives you access to unparalleled expertise and the unusual opportunity to get honest feedback directly from young people with relevant experience.


The training will provide you with:

  • Practical guidance on how to best represent children in the criminal justice system
  • An opportunity to hear from and work with young people who have been through the system
  • An explanation of the key topics lawyers representing children in the criminal courts need to be up-to-date with.

Topics will include:

  • Representing children: critical foundations
  • Children in the youth court
  • Children in adult courts
  • How to: explaining the law to children


The Bar Standards Board requires barristers representing children to have the specialist skills, knowledge and attributes necessary to work effectively with vulnerable children and young people.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requires solicitors representing children in the criminal courts to reflect on their practice and undertake regular learning and development so their skills and knowledge remain up to date. All solicitors will need to make an annual declaration to the SRA that they have done this.




YJLC are evaluating the impact of our training. We’ve partnered with Newcastle University and Child Rights & Youth Justice (CRYJ) who will be undertaking the research. Participants will complete pre and post training questionnaires and a post training interview. You will receive a £100 goodwill payment and a copy of Youth Justice Law and Practice.

If you are interested in participating and/or would like more information, please email – [email protected]

For accessibility requirements or further information, please contact [email protected]



“The YJLC training should be compulsory. It is brilliant and I’d recommend that every pupil/ junior barrister does this training. It can be daunting stepping foot in the youth courts, to represent a vulnerable young person and this training gives you the confidence to represent these people in the best way.” - Alexandra Wilson, barrister and author of In Black and White 

“Having young people delivering training was very valuable, particularly to be given honest feedback and moving away from actors” – Pupil barrister

“It was incredibly helpful to do roleplay and have the insights of young people. The presentations were really useful and so were the materials” – Pupil barrister