Children, Crime and Immigration

YJLC Webinar

18 Sep 2024 13:00

Criminal practitioners often don’t understand the impact that contact with the Criminal Legal System might have on a child’s immigration status. Young people are also frequently unaware of how these areas of law intersect. 

Join us to hear from subject experts on the relevant legal frameworks and key points that need to be communicated to children.

Grace Loncraine, Director, Commons Law CIC

Grace is a solicitor and director of Commons Law CIC, a criminal defence firm with a commitment to social justice. Grace represents people at all stages of the criminal justice system, from the police station to the Court of Appeal. She sits on the committee of the Criminal Appeal Lawyers Association.

Grace is the lead at Commons on a long-term joint project with Migrant Law Centre aimed at improving the experience of young migrants in the criminal justice system. Three years of casework and independent research will culminate this summer in the release of two reports. The first investigates why some of these young people end up criminalised. The reasons range from structural issues such as the hostile environment to technical obstacles like not receiving official documents in the post. The second report delves into their experiences with the police, at court and with their own legal representatives. It finds that a history of trauma, language and cultural barriers, xenophobia, and funding cuts can all exasperate the stress and confusion that criminal proceedings provoke. Both reports end with practical recommendations addressed to actors and decision-makers within the criminal justice system. 

Anna Skehan, Solicitor, Islington Law Centre

Anna is a supervising solicitor and Legal Practice Lead at the Migrant and Refugee Children’s Legal Unit (MiCLU) at Islington Law Centre.  Anna is a supervising solicitor on the Kids in Need of Defense UK programme, undertakes strategic litigation concerning issues affecting undocumented and long-resident children and young people, and supervises complex Asylum Casework for children in care and care leavers.  Anna has practised Immigration and Asylum law for over 20 years, and is a consultant Peer Reviewer for the Legal Aid Agency in the immigration category. Anna provides second-tier advice for professionals working with children and young people affected by immigration issues including lawyers, social workers, foster carers and community groups and has developed training with and for young people.

The webinar will be hosted by Shauneen Lambe, Director YJLC 

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