Legal Guide – Child Criminal Exploitation

Child Criminal Exploitation, YJLC Legal Guide, December 2020

This is the third in YJLC’s series of legal guides on key youth justice topics and was produced in collaboration with the Children’s Rights Group at Doughty Street Chambers.


This guide will assist criminal practitioners representing children who have been exploited and are charged with offences arising out of that exploitation.

Children who have been the subject of criminal exploitation should be recognised as victims, not perpetrators. Practitioners must know how to identify when child suspects are potential victims of CCE and know what steps to take next.

This guide takes you through the key stages in a case where child exploitation has arisen – from arrest through to trial, the guide gives practical advice on the work that needs to be done by the defence at each stage. In addition, it provides an overview of the outcomes available to children prosecuted for offences arising from their experience of criminal exploitation.


The aim of this guide is to provide a practical tool that lawyers can use in order to fight for better outcomes for children. To hear from leading experts on the subject watch the launch seminar here.