Which Youth Offending Team has responsibility, post-sentence, for children and young people moving residence within the family, including during the coronavirus pandemic?

Things to consider:

Where a child or young person moves from living with one parent or family member to living with another parent or family member in a different geographical area within England and Wales, the Home YOT maintains responsibility for the case for a period of 3 months (stability-testing period), including the preparation of any court reports and matters relating to enforcement. However, the day-to-day management of the case should be completed by the Host YOT.

Once caretaking arrangements have been agreed between the Host and Home YOT, the Home YOT is responsible for an immediate application to court to amend the order to reflect the new local justice area for where the child or young person will be residing. Where possible, a review meeting should take place at the end of the 3-month period to formally hand over case responsibility; the Host YOT will then become the Home YOT. If the placement breaks down within the 3-month period, the central point for co-ordinating further youth justice services will be the Home YOT.

Further resources: National Protocol for Case Responsibility Practice Guidance for Youth Offending Teams in England and Wales