Katya Moran

Katya is a specialist youth justice lawyer with extensive experience representing children in criminal proceedings. Having spent several years doing direct representation in the police station and at court, she now leads the Youth Justice Legal Centre, writes best practice legal guides on youth justice issues, and regularly delivers lectures and training on youth justice law.

Katya has worked on a range of youth justice policy areas and is regularly invited to join stakeholder advisory groups to share expertise. In 2020 – 2023 she led projects on Turning 18 and Fighting Racial Injustice in the youth justice system.

Katya has a background in the arts and an interest in design. She has combined skills in these areas with her youth justice expertise to create a pioneering range of learning materials for both the Youth Justice Legal Centre and the Child Law Network. Katya is particularly interested in developing innovative and creative ideas for improving practice across the sector.