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The person who has been harmed or injured as a result of an act which the prosecution say was an offence.

Victim Support has a website for children and young people who want to know more information about reporting a crime and going to court as a witness. Children can find out more about what support is available in their local area here.

The Victim’s Code of Practice1 sets out the support and information that should be given to a victim.2 There is a child friendly version of the code.

Children will usually give their statement to the police in a video recorded interview (called an ABE interview). When children give their statement they can have someone to support them, they can have an interpreter and they can have an intermediary (it may be important to ask about being assessed to find out whether a child or vulnerable adult would benefit from registered intermediary support).

  1. Pursuant to section 32 Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004  (back)
  2. A victim is also sometimes referred to as a complainant.  (back)