FREE - Online Youth Justice Training for Lawyers in the South West

1 Mar 2024 10:00 to 17:00

Are you a lawyer from the South West or Wales?

This update on knowledge and skills will be invaluable to all lawyers representing children in the youth court and the Crown Court.


The Bar Standards Board (BSB) requires barristers representing children to self-identify that they have the specialist skills, knowledge and attributes necessary to work effectively with vulnerable children and young people.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requires solicitors representing children in the criminal courts to undertake regular learning and development so their skills and knowledge remain up to date. All solicitors need to make an annual declaration to the SRA that they have done this.

This training will ensure you meet your continuing competencies - the SRA | Good practice guide for youth court solicitors | Solicitors Regulation Authority states “A good youth court solicitor will maintain their competence by keeping their knowledge and skills up to date and applying them effectively in these areas: Knowledge and skills, Awareness of background and needs, Communication and Engagement.“

The training will address these by providing:

  • Updates in youth justice law and guidance;
  • Updates and tactical considerations around child exploitation, including how to get legal aid for low level offences;
  • Identifying and handling any additional needs, experts and making adjustments for those needs, including instructing intermediaries, speech and language therapists and visual aids;
  • Understanding how to mitigate and explain cultural, educational, social or other personal issues in a way that decision makers will take on board. This will include how to address racism in the criminal justice system and adultification;
  • Child welfare in the context of criminal courts;
  • A detailed understanding of the Youth Justice Board’s ‘Child First’ approach for bail packages and presentence reports;
  • Changes to youth sentencing (YRO with ISS, location monitoring and trail monitoring)
  • Out of Court Disposals, pursuing diversion and local context;
  • Tips and tactics for working with parents and carers;
  • Holistic representation, financial remuneration.

The training will be delivered in-person by leading expert youth justice lawyers including the founders of Just for Kids Law – Aika Stephenson and Shauneen Lambe.

The Ministry of Justice is funding this training as part of its commitment to encourage greater uptake of youth specific training for legal practitioners working with children. This kind of training, combined with increases in remuneration for youth court work, recognise the complexity and seriousness of working with child clients and the need for experienced legal practitioners who can provide high quality legal advice.