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Tag: Youth Court

28 February 2018

Equal Treatment Bench Book 2018: new edition launched

Equal Treatment Bench Book, Judicial College, February 2018 The Equal Treatment Bench Book has been updated and expanded by the Judicial College who state that ‘true equal treatment may not always mean treating everyone in the same way’. Chapter 2 relates to children, young people and vulnerable adults. Details Practitioners representing children in the criminal […]

29 January 2018

Protocol for YOTs on case responsibility

National Protocol for Case Responsibility: Practice Guidance for Youth Offending Teams in England and Wales, Youth Justice Board, January 2018 This Protocol replaces the 2014 National Protocol for Case Responsibility.  It provides guidance to Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) working with children who have committed offences outside of their usual home area.   The responsibilities of the […]

24 November 2017

An appeal by way of case stated – unsafe conviction in the Youth Court

AB v Crown Prosecution Service Queen’s Bench Division (Administrative Court), [2017] EWHC 2963 (Admin) This was an appeal by way of case stated from the Youth Court to the Administrative Court. The Administrative Court found that taken at its highest, the prosecution case was insufficient to permit any reasonable and properly directed jury to convict the […]

15 August 2017

Court of Appeal judgment on joint enterprise and trials of vulnerable defendants

R v Grant-Murray and Henry; R v McGill, Hewitt and Hewitt [2017] EWCA 1228 Five defendants, in two joined applications to appeal, challenged their convictions for joint enterprise murder. The appeals also raised issues as to how young or vulnerable defendants are dealt with by the court. Whilst the applications to appeal were all dismissed, the court made important comments on the training of practitioners representing children and vulnerable defendants in the criminal courts.

1 November 2016

New SRA toolkit for Youth Court Advocacy

The Solicitor's Regulatory Authority (SRA) has developed a toolkit to support solicitors practising in the Youth Court. The SRA recognise that additional help is needed for those working in the youth court, 'this is a really important part of the justice system, one that comes with its own unique challenges and demands.'