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Tag: Young Adults

24 August 2018

Court of Appeal ruling on fitness to plead

R v Cooley [2018] EWCA Crim 2648 A Court of Appeal judgment confirms the difficulty of getting a guilty plea set aside on the grounds that the appellant was unfit to plead. Details The appellant had, at age 19, committed various sexual offences against younger children. The offences generally involved the inappropriate touching of children the […]

14 July 2018

Child and adolescent brain development, policy and the law – an article

Shauneen Lambe, strategic litigation consultant and co-founder of Just for Kids Law, has published an article for the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFJM) Chronicle.  The piece looks at scientific developments in child and adolescent brain development and how this information can be used by lawyers representing young clients.

12 June 2018

Young adults in the criminal justice system – a Justice Committee report

Young adults in the Criminal Justice System, House of Commons Justice Committee, June 2018 This report calls on the Ministry of Justice to take decisive action to reform the way young adults are dealt with in the criminal justice system (CJS).    It advocates revisiting urgently previous recommendations for a new framework for the disclosure […]

24 January 2018

R v Clarke – 18 is not a cliff edge for sentencing

R v Clarke, Andrews and Thompson [2018] EWCA Crim 185 This case, with judgment given by the Lord Chief Justice, stresses the continuing importance of taking into consideration maturity when sentencing young adults aged 18 or older. Details The three defendants were convicted of serious offences.  They  kidnapped a boy from his home, kept him […]