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Tag: Turning 18

25 June 2020

Turning 18

The Youth Justice Legal Centre have published a legal guide on turning 18 in the criminal justice system as well as a briefing on the same issue. 

10 July 2018

Youth court jurisdiction when a child turns 18

By virtue of section 24 Magistrates' Court Act 1980 somebody under the age of 18 who 'appears or is brought before a Magistrates' Court' in relation to an indictable offence shall be tried summarily.  This case analyses what 'appears or is brought before a Magistrates' Court' means and following the case of R v islington Juvenile Court ex parte Daley (1992) 75 Cr App R 280 confirms that it refers to the occasion on which the court makes its decision on mode of trial.

24 January 2018

R v Clarke – 18 is not a cliff edge for sentencing

R v Clarke, Andrews and Thompson [2018] EWCA Crim 185 This case, with judgment given by the Lord Chief Justice, stresses the continuing importance of taking into consideration maturity when sentencing young adults aged 18 or older. Details The three defendants were convicted of serious offences.  They  kidnapped a boy from his home, kept him […]