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Tag: Decision to prosecute

30 November 2016

Exploitation of children by ‘county lines’ gangs – children should be safeguarded not prosecuted

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has recently published a second report on the drug distribution model known as ‘county lines’ (County Lines Gang Violence, Exploitation & Drug Supply 2016 (November 2016)). Gangs recruit vulnerable people, often children, to act as couriers and to sell drugs. The report identifies the exposure to harm children may face from these gangs and encourages authorities to safeguard rather than prosecute affected children.

29 November 2016

The forgotten 10 point checklist – the decision to prosecute offending in children’s homes

By Ita Farrelly, Partner, Taylor Haldane Barlex Solicitors LLP The 10 Point Checklist is a key tool in ensuring decisions to prosecute Looked After Children who offend in children's homes are properly considered, Ita Farrelly shares her experience that lack of awareness of this guidance means Looked After Children are being unnecessarily prosecuted.