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Tag: Custody

30 March 2020

Judicial decision making in light of the Coronavirus pandemic

In a letter to judges and magistrates, the Youth Justice Legal Centre along with 13 others, have urged courts to exercise extreme caution before remanding and sentencing children to custody during the coronavirus pandemic. The risks, both physical and mental, that children in custody will be exposed to during this time will, in most cases, outweigh the need for custody.

30 October 2017

Home Office publishes Concordat on Children in Custody

The Home Office has published a concordat on children in custody, preventing the detention of children in police stations following charge. The concordat aims to clarify the legal and statutory duties of the police and local authorities. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 requires the transfer of children who have been charged and denied bail to more appropriate Local Authority accommodation, with a related duty in the Children Act 1989 for Local Authorities to accept these transfers.

1 August 2016

Unlawful to sentence children to longer than adults

B v Leeds Crown Court and another [2016] EWHC 1230 (Admin) In this successful case stated, the High Court confirmed it is unlawful to impose a longer sentence on a child than the maximum sentence available for an adult in similar circumstances. The case reaffirms the principle in the Overarching Principles for Sentencing Youths that generally a child should be dealt with less severely than an adult offender.