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Tag: Criminal records

26 November 2020

Criminal records regime change for children

Legislative change means that no youth cautions, youth conditional cautions, reprimands or warnings will be automatically disclosed on standard or enhanced criminal record checks. There are also changes the rules around minor convictions.

1 June 2019

Understanding your criminal record

Just for Kids Law and Unlock have devised this short criminal records factsheet for youth justice lawyers to provide their clients, so they can better understand their criminal record and what they might need to tell future employers.    

9 May 2018

Professionals guide to police records

A Professionals’ Guide to Police Records by Alex Temple Just for Kids Law & Paul Hastings have produced this guide to police records.  This guide is intended to help any professionals attempting to navigate the criminal records system and provide advice to individuals.  

16 March 2018

High Court rules childhood criminal records disclosure scheme unlawful (again)

The claimants, victims of child sexual exploitation (CSE) with childhood convictions relating to prostitution, successfully challenged the legality of the criminal record disclosure schemes. The High Court affirmed earlier judgments that the current criminal record disclosure schemes are arbitrary and indiscriminate and there is an inadequate assessment of present risk in a particular employment and are unlawful.

3 May 2017

Court of Appeal finds criminal record disclosure regime unlawful

R (on the application of P and Others) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] EWCA Civ 321 In a landmark Court of Appeal ruling, the Government lost its appeal to a decision of the High Court in January last year, which ruled that the criminal records disclosure scheme was disproportionate and unlawful. […]