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YJLC Legal Guide to Intermediaries for Child Defendants

Legal Guide – Intermediaries for Child Defendants

This is the second in our series of legal guides on key youth justice issues and was produced in collaboration with the Children’s Rights Group at Doughty Street Chambers.

The legal guide is to assist practitioners in recognising when a child defendant may require an intermediary and in navigating the legal resources and case law relevant to this often misunderstood niche area of work.

‘Assessment by an intermediary should be considered for witnesses and defendants under 18 who seem liable to misunderstand questions or to experience difficulty expressing answers, including those who seem unlikely to be able to recognise a problematic question (such as one that is misleading or not readily understood), and those who may be reluctant to tell a questioner in a position of authority if they do not understand.’ Criminal Practice Direction 2015 (consolidated with amendment number 8) [2019] EWCA CRIM 495, 3F.26

YJLC’s webinar on Intermediaries for Child Defendants


Professor Laura Hoyano

Dr Brendan O’Mahony

Joel Bennathan QC

Joanne Cecil