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Legal Updates

25 April 2020

More coronavirus regulations and the implications for children in care

The Adoption and Coronavirus (Amendment) Regulations 2020 make sweeping and unprecedented temporary changes to the legislation which affords basic protection to children in care, many of whom have or will come into contact with the youth justice system. The Government has justified the removal of these protections by stating that it is necessary ‘to assist the children’s social care sector during the coronavirus pandemic’.

16 April 2020

COVID-19: What amounts to a reasonable excuse for a child?

Guidance for police on what constitutes a reasonable excuse for leaving the house during lockdown has been issued. Children are not identified as having distinct 'excuses' from adults but in reality many of society's most vulnerable children, such as those who are Looked After, will have pertinent reasons for leaving the places they live.

2 April 2020

COVID-19: Police interview protocol

A protocol has been published to assist investigators and prosecutors in deciding whether suspects should be interviewed as part of a police investigation during the Covid-19 pandemic. The protocol applies to children but does not refer to them specifically.

31 March 2020

HMCPSI review finds concerns with the CPS handling of serious youth crime

The first review of how the CPS handles serious youth crime in over 6 years finds numerous areas of concern and some aspects of casework quality in need of urgent attention. It recognised that CPS prosecutors need to be familiar with the relevant law, procedure, policy and guidance. Importantly, it also acknowledged that their approach needs to reflect the immaturity and vulnerabilities of many young people involved in crime. It made a number of recommendations for change.