Legal Updates archives for April 2015

Criminal Record Check

April 28, 2015

Criminal record checks are carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Justices of the peace

April 22, 2015

Justices of the peace are also called magistrates, they are judges who decide cases in the youth court or adult magistrates’ court.


April 15, 2015

Anonymity in criminal cases means someone’s name, address, photograph and other information that might identify them (such as their school or place of work) is not revealed in the newspapers, on television or on the internet.

Criminal Court Charge

April 13, 2015

The Criminal Court Charge is a non-discretionary, fixed charge which is intended to offset some of the cost of running the criminal courts. The charge does not apply to defendants aged under 18.

Victim Surcharge

April 8, 2015

When a person is sentenced the court must order them to pay the victim surcharge.

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